Suzanne is a character in Rain Man. She's Charlie's girlfriend, but they have an on and off relationship. She's italian, and is a very attractive woman and is offen told what to do by Charlie. She isn't always in the film, but makes some appearances at some stages.

Important details about the characterEdit

  • She speaks italian
  • She's in an on and off relationship with Charlie
  • She's a secretary for Charlie's business
  • She's an attractive women
  • Often a good voice in Charlie's ear
  • Is aware of Charlie's moral flaws
  • During the film she starts to care for Raymond

Her character at the startEdit

  • She is a secretary for Charlie's car business

Her character at the endEdit

  • She cares for Raymond more than before, she thinks of him not only as a friend but also a brother.
  • She feels empathy for Raymond after being stood up by Iris ( a woman Raymond met in a LA bar). Afterwards she askes him to dance, being his first dance she complimented him and kissed him.
  • After Charlie and Suzanne had some time apart, she returns to Charlie and Raymond, forgiving Charlie and moving on.

Mannerisms and characteristicsEdit


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