Costume in Rain Man

Director Barry Levinson is able to use costume effectively to represent the characters, their differences, and their changes.

Charlie's CostumeEdit

Charlie Babbit is your typical 1980's entrepreneur. He has tailored clothing which looks to be expensive, designer brands. This evokes the wealth that Charlie weilds and is in every way a status symbol.

Raymond's CostumeEdit

For the majority of the film, Raymond wears K-mart clothing. This brand of clothes is used to display his simplicity in life as well as partly his lack of money.

Raymonds pants NEVER fit. This subtle detail conveys the fact that some aspects of his world are different or distorted compared to everyone else.

During the casino scene, Raymond now has a tailored suit that matches with Charlie. The concept of unity can be derived from the classic shot of them descending the escalator because they are wearing the same suit and their relationship is finally blossoming. Although the image portrays their relationship growth, Raymond's pants still don't fit which shows the audience Raymond still lives in a world apart.

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